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FOX Business
Feb 27, 2014 7:00pm EST
shaking in their boots. after all the russian told the president to take our missile defense systems out of europe, and president said yes, sir, and took them out, put them on the back of our navy, and gave the navy no additional asset to do that. now he is cutting asset that navy has, i don't think that the president right now has the credibility necessary to back up many of his statements. lou: and do you have a view as to what likely putin will do in ukraine? >> lou, one thing that we're always afraid of, when you see the vacuums then you know, president putin may try t to -- exhibit some of his muscle, a react on world react, not u.s. reacted we're hoping he will be deliberate and not do, that let the ukrainian people work this out forever themselves, no matter how difficult that work out might be. lou: i was to turn to the issue of defense spending, and budget cuts, that are being insisted upon our military, and the pentagon. you are a champion of our military. you are more concerned than most on capitol hill. about national security, day in and day out. what is your judgment of the
FOX Business
Feb 26, 2014 7:00pm EST
anti-submarine warfare votes. the defense minister claimed the movement of those russian forces is purely coincidence. insisting that the military movement and wargames were prescheduled. and obama responding. secretary of state john kerry warned russia that any military action in the ukraine would be a grave mistake. >> russia needs to be careful in the judgments that it makes going forward here. we are not looking for confrontation. but we are making it clear that every country should respect the territorial integrity here. the sovereignty of the ukraine, russia has said it will do that. and we think it's important that russia keeps its word. lou: the russian counterpart fireback. warning the west and in sourcing decisions upon the ukrainian government. >> t is dangerous and counterproductive to try to force upon the ukraine the choice that you are with us or against us. it has to be part of a global european family that is meaningful of the term. lou: the permian pill in slow region the opposing groups, and some cases people getting killed. two people were killed in the demo
FOX Business
Feb 26, 2014 11:00pm EST
: nobleman who defense the spending democratic strategist, jessica, the argument you can say we will tram's 3 trillion of the debt when it will grow it just won't grow as much as we thought? is that telling the truth? >> it is important to note when we do things that are making a difference. the deficit heres coming down and has steadily since 2009. we have seen one of the most unproductive congress is we have had in the early one centuuy with all this gridlock. neil: this was my question though. i know the deficits are coming down. maybe there is a reassuring notion that itiles up on the presidt's precipitously to say it will be $3 trillion less than rates shot but it will sll be neck-and-neck $8 trillion more. th is hoodwinking people. >> i did not go that far. neil: someone tells you it will fall $3 trillion don't you think it will fall? >> yes. neil: but go up 11 now goes up 8 trillion that is what you meant >> you rarely hear a politician who was from this policy standpot eaking to the same way you would hear an economist or someone in the financial industry. neil: if you say you cut som
FOX Business
Feb 28, 2014 7:00pm EST
budget. the russians know they fall in their lap. >> the signals that are sent to russia russian defense ministers saying russia is now planning the permanent military presence outside russia's borders including vietnam, cuba, venezuela, ni caragua singapore and other countries and back in november secretary kerry said the monroe doctrine is dead. did he just waved the flag for russian expansionism? >> that is one of many that the administration has been waving. as clap to america the monroe doctrine is not popular and tell it is needed then they want to know where the united states is of central and south america are very worried about russian participation adventurism and a return of russian military shows that putin thinks he is achieving his objective to reestablish hegemony and he goes for world power status again. no doubt. lou: i don't know what status about obama of the secretary kerry suggested the united states was rejecting the monroe doctrine because it would concern our neighbors to the south. which is the exact opposite but which is to protect the hemisphere spinet the whol
FOX Business
Mar 1, 2014 8:00pm EST
sevastpol. russia's defense ministry claim% the movement is purely coinciden coincidence. thobama admistration responding with what could be an ominous threat, secretary of state john kerry warned russia any military in ukraine would be a quote, grave mistake. >> russia needs to be very careful in the judgments that it makes going forward here. we are not looking for confrontation. but we are making it clear that every country should respect the territorial integri here. the sovereignty of ukraine. russia said that it would do that and wethink it's important that russia keeps its word. >> kerry's counterpart in russia fired right back. he warned the west against forcing any decions upon the interim ukrainian government. >> translator: it's dangerous and counterproductive to force upon ukraine a choice based on the principal you're either with us or against us. raine has to be a part of a global european family in the full meaning of the term. >> the crimea, the scene of fierce clashes today between pro and an-russia protesters. the opposing groups were carrying russian and ukraini
FOX Business
Mar 4, 2014 7:00pm EST
is that president obama should provide missile defense to the public that would reverse mr. obama's 2009 decision. he says that that is necessary to put pressure on vladimir putin. joining us now is former army vice chief of staff, general jack keane. also fox news military analyst. general, it's great to have you with us or you is that your belief that mr. obama would be open to putting the missile defense shield in czechoslovakia? >> i suspect not. i think that he moves very cautiously in this kind of crisis confrontation. i think he really has to step up fundamentally. what we are seeing is the global power politics and a test of wills. >> we should oust him from the g-8 and oust him from the g20. that would bother him. and then there are decisive things we can do away on the crisis. we could also accelerate georgia into nato, which is moving slowly towards that end and we could put it on a fast track. there's things we can do about syria. >> and putin should pay a price for what he has done. even if he moves away, there should be a price exerted for this. lou: the administration was caught by
FOX Business
Mar 5, 2014 7:00pm EST
to a coherent approach, looks at what secretary hagel just announced the new cuts to budget, at defense. and then today we're supposed to believe they will take tough new steps, and imminent more budget dollars, toward this burgeoning problem. if you look at it, you know. politically, if john kerry out polling you with confidence of american people, and you are barack obama, you have to can be worried. lou: and that is a terrific points. doug, ukrainians right now, left we forget they are at center, the epicenter of this crisis. they must be terrifically anxious about there are future, it sthr an is there any clirty foty clarity. >> none, vladimir putin made it clear he is not invading eastern, crane, for now. he made is clear he is not an economy "crime stoppers: cas -- yiemia for now, they say who knows what happens next. they look and hey say, we're going to have try to have presidential elects in may, we'll try to have economic asis sudden stuns from europe and united states put in place quickly. while they are outlines of the all of those processees in place. there no certainty. lo
FOX Business
Mar 3, 2014 7:00pm EST
missiles in those two countries, defensive missiles, part of the missile shield, to be used against rogue regimes such as iran. although, they still don't have missiles as far as we know that have kind of range. this is starting to look like a highly destablizing moment in history. >> you are right. thhs is how regional wars get started, one thing is is not openly discussed, is that we're rely on russia for removal of our equipment from afghanistan. as president obama goes into his idea for a transition or withdrawal, if not russia, pakistan. it is jumping from pot to the fire. lou: well, pots and fires, but, this is a president right now who it is clear, was wrong in his assessment of putin, and russia's ambitions, and looks like he has underestimated his administration and our different's ability to government's a bill to respond to such an act by russia, what is or recourse now, in your judgment, as a geo political analyst? >>, we have two main tracks to follow, one is arming the other states that border russia, giving them what they need to defend. second santions track there is no ma
Search Results 0 to 14 of about 15 (some duplicates have been removed)